Community Management & Administration

  • Provide Board Advice, Assistance, and Training
  • Meeting Management Reports
  • Fast Responses to Owner Requests
  • Maintain Association Files & Documents
  • Enforce Rules & Covenants
  • Around the Clock Emergency Help
  • Transactional Support for Sale and Refinance package

Physical Facilities Management

  • First Class Maintenance & Repairs
  • Bids, Contractors & Vendors oversight – in order to operate a high quality and financially well-run Community
  • Capital improvement planning and execution based on reserve studies and engineering reports
  • Frequent Community Inspections
  • Handyman Services

Financial Management & Accounting

  • Strategies to Reduce HOA Expenses
  • Accounts Receivables – including delinquency collections and any special assessments
  • Accounts Payables
  • Bank Accounts Management
  • Monthly Easy to Use Financial Reports
  • Budget Preparation and Monitoring
  • Replacement Reserves Calculation and Planning
  • Insurance Review, Bidding, and Claims Management
  • Audits & Tax Returns Coordination