For Self-Managed and Smaller Associations

The Self-Managed HOA and Condo Building Services Program envisions a combination of being self and professionally managed.  The Owners and Board may want to take on particular duties and provide particular expertise on a volunteer basis to save on condo fees. However, the Board could engage Oakbrook only for those jobs that none of the Owners want to do or have the necessary expertise to do effectively.  Access to Oakbrook’s experience and contractors/vendors would always be available.

Thru this program, Oakbrook provides regular monthly bookkeeping services, as well as other management services on an as needed basis. For example, the Association doesn’t need to replace/bid a roof or re-bid a cleaning contract every year, so these types of services would only be engaged with Oakbrook when needed at an hourly rate or at an agreed upon fixed building project price.

The services Oakbrook offers to assist Self-Managed Communities fall into four categories:

  • Accounting
  • Maintenance/Handyman
  • Advisory Contracting
  • Transactional (preparation of resale & lender packages).